International Riesling Rescue

Some of my Mosel landscapes where on show Sunday at the International Riesling Rescue event in Berlin. Nice glowy images from Mosel Steillagen in autum colours. The event was a mingledingle show of force of leading wine critis, Riesling makers, politicians gathering with media makers. Their aim: stopping the monster bridge planed to destroy best bits of Rieslingland in the world.

I was shooting Mosel harvest October 2009,  the material is in my B50 neu gallery

From the International Riesling Rescue event

Protest gegen Hochmoselübergang – nice video (german) including wine critic Stuart Pigott and former Vice Chancellor of Germany Joschka Fischer.

Rudolf Trossen and Hugh Johnson in front of Oliver Brenneisen Photo at the International Riesling Rescue, Berlin 11 April 2010 / Photo: Thomas Trossen


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