The power of film

Interesting piece from Kodak. Film: No Compromise – it is aimed more at Hollywood productions but me as a still photographer I do share their claims fully. You use the best glass, the best light, the best everything, why you would not want the best capture medium?

If you want lively images, true quality and have a few days time: shoot film. If you are in a rush, need quantity: produce digital. Personally I prefer Fuji over Kodak. The Japanese colour rendition always felt more faithful to me. Fuji Provia is a universal workhorse film to me and gives excellent TIF files after scanning. For portrait and skin Fuji Astia is better.

Good E6 slide film processing in Palma de Mallorca: Foto-Color Mediterraneo, C/ Fabrica 89a (open Mo-Fr; no website)

120 film end

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