Neurogastronomia – La inteligencia emocional culinaria

Award winning book by Dr. Miguel Sanchez Romera, Neurologist, visual artist and star chef with photography by Oliver Brenneisen.

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This is a free research publication, published as a gift for professional neuro scientists by Danish pharmaceutical company Lundbeck. The company specializes in products for the brain. The book published in November 2007 was written in Spanish in 2007 by the Chefdoctor Miguel Sanchez Romera of L’Esguard, a Michelin star restaurant near Barcelona who also is a neurophysician working as a doctor the other half of the week. The new book updates the theories of the chef doctor published in the cookbook “Totalcooking” (Akal). It gives all the scientific background for the brain experts to understand gastronomy.

Miguel Sanchez Romera is now based in New York, his latest Restaurant Illusion is about to open shortly.

– Gourmand World Cookbook Awards: The 100 Best of the best
Hall of Fame #16

– ASPID España 2008 – Premios de Publicidad Iberoamericano de Salud y Farmacia

Stock photos from Miguel Sanchez Romera available on request.


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