„7 Continents“ exhibition – a culinary travel around the world

7 Continents – A visual exploration of our planet’s nutritional DNA. This exhibition merges art and science, culinary taste and global cuisine with fine photography.

Premiere show: 23 July – 25 August 2015 Gabriel Vanrell – Galería D’Art, Carrer de Tous i Maroto 1, 07001 Palma de Mallorca Tel +34 971 72 6962 http://www.galeriagabrielvanrell.com

Opening: 23 July 20:00

Icon Zar concept artist, painter, model Moscow / Mallorca
Oliver Brenneisen photographer, Mallorca
Dr Miguel Sánchez Romera neurologist, global chef, Barcelona / New York / China
Make-up: Cindy Kaczmarczyk, Berlin


7 Continents exhibition


7 Continents exhibition



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