7 CONTINENTS photo exhibtion

A culinary travel around the world where art and science merge with fine photography.


OliverBrenneisen 7CONTINENTS exhibition Miguel Sanchez Romera Icon Zar
OliverBrenneisen 7CONTINENTS exhibition Miguel Sanchez Romera Icon Zar

The 7CONTINENTS concept uses the female body as a symbol of the earth and fertility. The body of artist Icon Zar is the canvas for each of the seven pictures in the series represents one continent. Each frame is our interpretation of the essence of each continent’s variety, its various different ethnic and linguistic groups, differences of culture. These are the roots from which we started in the adoption of our decisions. The artistic intend is the visualisation of the nutritional DNA of each continent. 7CONTINENTS is a nouveau combination of art, science, haute cuisine and fine photography.

Miguel Sanchez Romera, (Barcelona/New York/China), one part neurologist, one part Michelin-starred chef, celebrated outsider, was at the origins of the spanish gastronomic revolution. Dr Romera and now brings his “neurogastronomia” philosophy into the 7CONTINENTS project, introducing his true food for thought.

Oliver Brenneisen, international freelance photographer based in Mallorca has worked with the best chefs in the world and gourmet food producers for many years. His photographs have won multiple awards and are published worldwide.

Icon Zar, Russian born artist from Moscow is the initiator and model for this project. Brought up in Soviet regime and land of anti-capitalism and no-freedom of choice or movements she was instinctively attracted to strong and vivid colors, brands, advertising as well as logos and she adores megacities. For 7CONTINENTS, Icon Zar applies her painting technic “TRIGGER SU”, which appear in some of the continent as background and geological base. From this triangular perspective, 7CONTINENTS unites a view on global essential taste, color codes and the culinary roots of each continent.



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