Golden World Award for “insight”

Yesss! Golden World Award for “Insight” magazine by INEOS in Cologne. Insight is a corporate communications magazine feeding Industry positions to political decision makers. Oliver Brenneisen is the principal photographer of the magazine since 2013.

Golden World Award for "insight" photographed by Oliver Brenneisen
Golden World Award for “insight” photographed by Oliver Brenneisen

After the International Creative Award of Excellence in the category cover in 2014 this is the second award for “insight” and Anne-Great Iturriaga-Abarzua, head of Communications at INEOS in Cologne.

IPRA International Public Relations Association is the world’s most relevant, resourceful and influential professional association for senior international public relations executives.

INEOS is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chemicals and oil products, with sales of $54 billion, employing 15000 people.

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Cover collection photographed by Oliver Brenneisen




Turning skepticism into sympathy

Since several years a skepticism towards manufacturing found its way into Germany, one of the leading industrialised countries, impacting the „license to operate“ and investments for manufacturing. INEOS in Cologne addressed this public attitude by intensifying the dialogue with the community and the political stakeholders. „insight“ was the logical format in which the different successful initiatives were summarised and communicated.

Open, clear and sometimes bold statements give readers an authentic insight in what drives and blocks manufacturing in the Rhineland area, Europe’s largest chemical cluster.

Since 2012, twelve newsletters were issued, accompanied by a personal letter by the managing directors. „insight“ received excellent feedback by politicians, in particular from Martin Schulz, former President of the European Parliament.


The focus? On people!

The common goal was to create a publication, in which industry is not described as purely technological, but as a branch where people perform services to people. The decisive factor was to bind the general public as readers on one hand and the politically interested parties on the other, by bringing

them closer to the industrial diversity INEOS stands for. Thus, the magazine „insight“ provides value and conveys an understanding of manufacturing. At the same time, INEOS also acts as a sparring partner and instigator for socio-political responsibility. Consequently, „insight“ always focuses on people rather than technology. This is also shown by the topics of „insight“, for which the INEOS head of communications and the research and editorial team are in close contact with INEOS’ Management board.


Oliver Brenneisen at INEOS in Cologne 2016
Oliver Brenneisen at INEOS in Cologne 2016

Award time: Award of Excellence for “insight” the political magazine by INEOS Köln

Congratulations to our long time collaborator Barbara Tabery of Jalun Design in Vienna and those who made this possible. Barbara’s design work for the “insight” titles, the political magazine by INEOS Köln has been declared excellent. Nice one!

The recent “insight” edition from autumn 2013 was photographed entirely by Oliver Brenneisen Photo.

icma Urkunde insight INEOS 2013 Kopie

Neurogastronomia – La inteligencia emocional culinaria

Award winning book by Dr. Miguel Sanchez Romera, Neurologist, visual artist and star chef with photography by Oliver Brenneisen.

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This is a free research publication, published as a gift for professional neuro scientists by Danish pharmaceutical company Lundbeck. The company specializes in products for the brain. The book published in November 2007 was written in Spanish in 2007 by the Chefdoctor Miguel Sanchez Romera of L’Esguard, a Michelin star restaurant near Barcelona who also is a neurophysician working as a doctor the other half of the week. The new book updates the theories of the chef doctor published in the cookbook “Totalcooking” (Akal). It gives all the scientific background for the brain experts to understand gastronomy.

Miguel Sanchez Romera is now based in New York, his latest Restaurant Illusion is about to open shortly.

– Gourmand World Cookbook Awards: The 100 Best of the best
Hall of Fame #16

– ASPID España 2008 – Premios de Publicidad Iberoamericano de Salud y Farmacia

Stock photos from Miguel Sanchez Romera available on request.