RICE! exploring the colours of human taste

RICE! by Sanchez Romera, Muntaner 182, Barcelona +34 931 42 67 09

New restaurant project. Art Direction, branding, logo design, photography by Oliver Brenneisen. Preview in abc http://abcblogs.abc.es/french-75/2017/10/26/el-talento-desnudo/

RICE! by Sanchez Romera, Barcelona
RICE! by Sanchez Romera, Barcelona
Barcelona Roll, RICE! by Sanchez Romera
Spain, Barcelona, Restaurante RICE! by Sanchez Romera, Doctorchef Miguel Sanchez Romera. Barcelona Roll. Photo: Oliver Brenneisen

Award time: Balearic ecological product 2017

Fruits of work we like: Johannis Sirup was awarded „Ecological product of the Belearics 2017.“ Johannis is a new line of ecological food products based on carob beans from Mallorca. Oliver Brenneisen has been instrumental in the creation of the brand for the client Es Garrover de Mallorca, directed by Juana Verger.

The initial line-up includes: Johannis polvo, a classical carob powder, a sweet flour type alternative to cacao. Johannis Sirope a natural sweetener and Johannis Crema, a breakfast spread with almond flour, oliver oil and coconut sugar.


Client: www.esgarroverdemallorca.com

Recipe design, brand creation, photography: Oliver Brenneisen

Logo and graphic design: Studio SSSIT


Styling for Business Portraits

Make-up for men in portrait photography

Our aim is to produce highly professional and at the same time natural looking photographs and moving images. These pictures show your personality and your position within your corporation.

Make-up also for men plays an important role in this creation process. You do not necessarily have your best day at the photo session, this is why we put you at the hands at of our experienced styling team. In as little as 15 minutes we give your hair and skin a touch up. Imperfections of the skin, shadows under the eyes and small wrinkles disappear in a subtle way. Pencil and make-up make you shine and work out the unique characteristics of your face.

This nearly invisible make-up does need to be taken off after the photo session. You are looking like yourself – just a bit better. This is the idea of make-up for men.

You can visit our dedicated website for corporate portraits for more information www.CEOportraits.work

Make-up for men
Make-up für Männer in der Portraitfotografie
Styling for Business Portraits

Mallorca Business sun protection

New website for Incompar photographed by Oliver Brenneisen. Incompar is the leading supplier for automated sun sails in the Balearics, Spain an Portugal.


During an eight months period, we visited the companies facilities, acompanied their staff during istallation and maintenance jobs and photographed many pretty properties where Incompar designed the shade. www.incompar.es

Interios & Architecture Portfolio by Oliver Brenneisen Photographer