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“7 Continents” exhibition – a culinary travel around the world

7 Continents – A visual exploration of our planet’s nutritional DNA. This exhibition merges art and science, culinary taste and global cuisine with fine photography.

Premiere show: 23 July – 25 August 2015 Gabriel Vanrell – Galería D’Art, Carrer de Tous i Maroto 1, 07001 Palma de Mallorca Tel +34 971 72 6962 http://www.galeriagabrielvanrell.com

Opening: 23 July 20:00

Icon Zar concept artist, painter, model Moscow / Mallorca
Oliver Brenneisen photographer, Mallorca
Dr Miguel Sánchez Romera neurologist, global chef, Barcelona / New York / China
Make-up: Cindy Kaczmarczyk, Berlin


7 Continents exhibition


7 Continents exhibition


Mallorca Shooting Parties – new dates

PHOTO SHOOTING by Oliver Brenneisen Photo

Each Wednesday and Sunday in Binissalem.

Our Shooting Parties are a fun way to experience our fabulous studio facilities and get your picture taken in a most professional manner. Prices start at 185 Euro and include hair/make-up styling for one session with Oliver Brenneisen. Please contact Zuzana +34 633 391 960 studio@obcn.org for more information and to make your booking.



Festival of Lights projection on Berliner DOM

Does it get any bigger? A rather unusually big publication even for a seasoned photographer: Approx 9,000m sq projection of images onto the Berliner Dom with photos from Oliver Brenneisen for the Festival of Lights. The festival organisers approached Oliver Brenneisen to participate in the illumination of Berlin´s largest church building. The 12 nights festival is one of the largest illumination events in the world and attracts around 2 million visitors. Massive worldwide media coverage carries the visual from Berlin around the world.

A total of 42.000 Watts of light source made the photos shine on the building front. High resolution scans from medium format slides were used as source files which got split up into six pieces: One for each of the six massive projectors that then together formed one seamless projection visual.

Image gallery from the Festival of Lights by Oliver Brenneisen

Festival of Lights, projection by Oliver Brenneisen

Festival of Lights Berlin. Projection by Oliver Brenneisen. Almond blossoms from Mallorca.
Festival of Lights, projection by photographer Oliver Brenneisen
Projection of almond blossom on the Berliner Dom for the Festival of Lights by photographer Oliver Brenneisen
The projection covers the entire building front and the individual blossoms turned out up to 2 metres wide.
Festival of Lights, Berliner Dom, Fernsehturm in the background. Projection by Oliver Brenneisen
Six 7kw projector where used for the Berliner Dom. Here photographer Oliver Brenneisen checking slides for the projection.
Six 7kw projectors where used for the Berliner Dom. Here photographer Oliver Brenneisen checking slides for the projection.
The original photo was split up into six individual slide for each of the projectors.
The original photo was split up into six individual slide for each of the projectors.
The original photo taken by Oliver Brenneisen in 2009. Almond blossoms from Mallorca.
The original photo taken by Oliver Brenneisen in 2009. Almond blossoms from Mallorca.
Fig leafs by Oliver Brenneisen, projection on Berliner Dom for Festival of Lights.
Fig leafs by Oliver Brenneisen, projection on Berliner Dom for Festival of Lights.
Marzipan lips by photographer Oliver Brenneisen projected on Berliner Dom for Festival of Lights.
Red chocolate lips by catalan star pastelero Christian Escriba from Barcelona, photographed by Oliver Brenneisen, projected on Berliner Dom during Festival of Lights.

Marc Fosh Lufthansa Star Chef

Marc Fosh the Star Chef in November and December
Lufthansa has retained the services of one of Europe’s most exciting and creative cookery talents for the airline’s Star Chefs programme: Michelin-starred Marc Fosh, the British master chef, has lived and worked on Majorca for 20 years. As the Lufthansa Star Chef, he will be offering his sophisticated, Spanish-inspired cuisine on long-haul flights in First and Business Class in November and December.

Starters served from an étagère in First Class range from salad of cod with oranges, black olives and sherry dressing to Cecina de Leon, grilled courgettes and shaved manchego cheese or mixed vegetable terrine on pine-nut vinaigrette with artichoke mousse. After salad or frothed watercress soup with croutons, the choice of main dish varies from braised cheek of beef garnished with olives and leek accompanied by mashed celery to saffron-crusted halibut with sauce bouillabaisse, bell pepper and black Venus rice or tian of eggplant, couscous and tomatoes with Mediterranean vegetables. As a mouth-watering finale, the dessert consists of truffle cream of chocolate and olive oil with fleur de sel, raspberry and bell pepper jelly or cream of lemon salt with cherry and rosewater sorbet and Ducca hazelnuts

No less creative are the menus served in Business Class. As starters, passengers can choose from marinated king prawns on mixed melon salad and take veal roulade with mushrooms, dried fruit, bulgur salad, orange and carrot sauce or mixed lettuce with herb mushrooms, olives and bell pepper with Spanish dressing. The choice of main dishes runs to red mullet filet on paella with mussels or garganelli with tomato sauce, cheese and olives. As a dessert, passengers will be served Tarta de Almendra (Spanish almond cake) or manchego and Iberico cheese with quince jelly or fresh fruit salad. Marc Fosh began his culinary career at the age of 17 working at London’s renowned Greenhouse Restaurant, before moving on to the Michelin-starred Chelsea Room at the Carlton Tower Hotel. After a lengthy apprenticeship in France and Spain, he settled in Mallorca as head chef at a local restaurant where he soon acquired a Michelin star.

A perfectionist, he developed his own unique style of cuisine noted for a distinct Spanish touch, blending traditional French with modern Mediterranean and Asian traditions. His food is light and fresh with direct flavours and seasonal produce that lets the ingredients speak for themselves. Important to him is that his guests enjoy their food in casual yet stylish surroundings and leave well satisfied when they depart. Marc Fosh has a penchant for “playing” with salt: The Mallorcan flor de sel, which he has developed, gives his dishes their final delightful flair.

In the two months in which Marc Fosh is creating the signature menus on Lufthansa flights, all passengers in Business Class will be presented with two small tins of fine salt to take home and try out in their own kitchen. The gesture is part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Star Chefs premium dining programme and designed to give passengers a deeper insight into the culinary philosophy of whichever chef happens to be behind the menus on the two-monthly roster. In future, moreover, a different traditional dish will be served monthly under the Lufthansa Classics label. In November and December, the honour goes to roast goose served seasonally at Christmas with red cabbage and potato dumplings. In other months, pride of place will go to Königsberger Klopse (Königsberg meatballs), Viennese breaded escalope or asparagus. The Lufthansa Star Chef programme

Lufthansa passengers have been on a high in the world of haute cuisine since the launch of Lufthansa’s Star Chefs programme in January 2000. In-flight creations by culinary luminaries at the pinnacle of the world’s cooking fraternity have turned their flights into truly heavenly delights. To date, such international celebrities as Harald Wohlfahrt (Baiersbronn), Dieter Müller (Bergisch Gladbach), Daniel Boulud (New York) or Paul Bocuse (Lyon) have been engaged to provide savoury star-chef menus in the aircraft cabin. Additionally, since early 2005, internationally renowned chefs from elsewhere on the world map have been serving special in-flight fare, focusing on regional specialities on selected long-haul routes to Germany.